Watercolour Film


Janet Boulton | A Seeming Diversity: An Introduction to Working with Watercolour | A film by Zuleika Kingdon (Distant Object Productions)

I hope therefore that anyone will watch the film about Janet’s life and work which has the same title A Seeming Diversity, as the exhibition and its catalogue. The film discloses a world in which every object, every grouping, every wall colour, every hue matters, and has earned its place. As a result both in the garden and in the house the visitor is in a state of heightened awareness, beguiled by specific forms, words or objects and by their juxtaposition. The special groupings that Janet presents do two things at once. They reward close looking, sharpening out awareness of colour, texture, form and design but simultaneously they direct one’s thoughts outwards to a wider world of experience, for they abound in references and in associations.

Richard Morphet CBE, Swindon Museum and Art Gallery, 29 November 2017