Paper Relief Works

                                                                                        Allotment Winter, 45 x 75 cm
                                                      Allotments, 45 x 57 cm
        Nautilus, 30 x 56 cm
                                                 Emblem II, 38 x 46 cm
                                                                         The World Has Been Empty Since The Romans, 62 x 49 cm

These works do further Janet Boulton’s concerns in several ways, like all masters of a medium, where possible she will employ its own attributes rather than interfering with them – the luminosity of the paper for instance. The use of relief invites light to take part in the picture – not just the once, but every time you see it. The resulting rhythms of light and shadow are so delightful that one can overlook the degree of complication which the technique subjects both the picture plane and the language of representation.

Elizabeth James, Modern Painters, Spring 1997