Garden Painting

                             Sheds and Green Bin, Cow Mead Allotment, Oxford, 28 x 40 cm
                                          Shed, Cow Mead Allotment, Oxford, 36 x 45 cm
                                 Terracotta Pots with Ceres and Diana, Villa La Pietra, 54 x 74.5 cm
                            Kitchen Garden with Lemon Trees, Villa La Pietra, 45 x 58 cm
                                         The Present Order II, Little Sparta, 54 x 69 cm
                                                                     Apollo and Daphne, Little Sparta, 65.5 x 55.5 cm
                                    Nuclear Sail II, Little Sparta, 53 x 64.5 cm

In the narrow confines of the Abingdon garden Boulton brings together her own impressive knowledge of plants with memories of the other gardens she has studied in her paintings, a homage to the skills and inspirations of their creators. In her garden paintings the evocations of light, weather, vistas carefully planned and fortuitous are achieved with a sense of sponteneity which only a highly skilled use of watercolour, a perceptive eye and determined patience can produce.

Jessie Sheeler, Critical Essay, March 2012