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Garden at Spring Road


Foreground/Background: A Day in Janet Boulton’s Garden: Late September 2014 | A film by Zuleika Kingdon (Distant Object Productions)

Janet Boulton’s narrow town garden represents the journey through her life as an artist since coming to live in Abingdon, near Oxford, in 1979. It is adorned with inscribed installations in wood, slate and glass, and other objects with artistic and personal associations. Every day she spends at home, Janet walks up the steps from the kitchen, across a witty chamomile lawn and past ‘flight’ – the word is carved into a slate tablet as a poem to joy – along the winding gravel path to the heart of the garden and through the arch to the studio. “The garden is as much a declaration of my commitment to still life and to Cubism as to the gardens that have inspired my watercolour paintings.”

Erica Hunningher, Gardens Illustrated, September 2002